Spotlight: DETRANSITION, BABY by Torrey Peters

I adored this novel. And still months later I miss Reese and Katrina and Ames. So far it's my favorite novel I've read in 2021. Here is a little review I wrote of my relationship to this book:

In DETRANSITION, BABY Torrey Peters writes of of my favorite omniscient narrators I've ever read. Skillfully maneuvering into the minds and hearts of each of her central characters, while also conjuring them with enough of that objective distance that we get to know them perhaps even more honestly then they know themselves: their insecurities, their privileges and their blinds spots re race, money, gender and their own internalized misogyny. Ahh! I could go on forever. But I would have spent even more than 337 pages with this narrator, these characters and with Torrey Peters brilliant, witty, tender brain. Yes I'm a total fan girl now, and I'm fine with that!

Also this book is so gay and so queer and it felt so good to read this exploration of motherhood. My heart and soul felt seen and at the same time challenged to see and feel more. And isn't that what we're after?

Have you read DETRANSITION, BABY yet? Why not give it a borrow and see what you think.